What a Wonderful Life!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did I Ever Tell YOU???

I LIKE my job!!! I LIKE coming to work everyday!!! I LIKE most of the student--ok there are very few that I have trouble with. They sing, they are getting use to moving their voices up and down and experimenting with the sounds they can make. They love to dance, they love to make music and I enjoy doing this with them.

I also LOVE my grandchildren!!! They are such a joy to be around! I can hardly wait to see little Edward again...for my b-day I am heading to ABQ. Yes, I am taking the day off to make this visit; but it is a present to me from myself. LOL

Dad has become a coach for Landon's soccer team. He has a team that isn't really a "team" yet! They struggle with just listening to him. He gave them the ole "one-two" and I hope they listened. They don't work together no matter what he does to help them. Only a few of them try to work together so therefore, they haven't won a game. They scored the only goal for the season in the first few minutes of the first soccer match. After that, they have become worse. Dad has tried and tried to get their attention; but they still hoo hoo...yell and cuss at each other and sometimes they hit each other. He wants to throw up his hands and walk away; but he knows that he isn't a quitter. I appreciate that in him. He is always trying to make things go the way they should! He is a great man!!! Sure do love him.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

June's Dress

Vintage Dress by Lilli Ann of San Francisco. Was worn by June, Grandmother's sister probably in 1940's or early 1950's.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slothful students

Today I went to the girl's classroom (the one that made the thumbs' down jesture to the boy right after I told them that they got an "f" for their group work) and I asked her if there was a problem between us. Her comment was "no", so I asked her about the hand jesture and she said, "what hand jesture" and I showed her what she had done. I asked her why she did it and she said that she didn't remember doing anything. I then asked her if she had done it towards me and she said "no" (...aha, so now she was stating that she did do it.) I told her that I was shocked that she would even do something like that and that is why I stared at her--(That day I stared at her for probably about 1 minute, she got frustrated at me staring at her). I asked her for what purpose was she making the sign and she said that she didn't know. I said, "certainly you would know why you would make a "sign" like that," Nope, she didn't know why.....mmmm...what do you think???

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Slothful Students

Wow, it seems like this is a never ending battle with one of my students. Today he was moved from one class to another--a "higher achiever" class. He is definitely not a higher achiever--just a discouraged young man. His attitude is "I don't care" which has never changed from the day he arrived at our school almost 2 years ago. How do we, as a nation, continue with children with this type of attitude. I thought maybe he might have been "molested", beaten, or badly humiliated as a young man and now we, as teachers, have to deal with his ATTITUDE. My only solution is to have him go to Mrs. Jacobs' 1st grade classroom and have him do work--music. My problem, other students in his "red" group decided to have the "I don't care" attitude; so therefore, I decided to give them all "f". All they had to do is to come up with a different rhythm for calypso; but they didn't. All the other students in their groups came up with a really neat rhythm except this group who has that child in it. This class is usually a fun class to have come into music; but now it has become the class from H----!! (Heck???) I have decided to have the "New/Old" student go to Mrs. Jacobs for 17 more weeks and work on a "packet". He will NEVER work on that packet--I know this from previous experience. How do I become "Christ-Like" and deal with him??? Just a rhetorical question...ok if you have an answer, let me know. The assistant principal has talked to him on several occasions and he has come in and apologized; but then it happens again and again. I know that I need to pick my battles with him--so I have tried to work around some of his obnoxious ways. I always decide that there comes a time that I have to take a stand and say, "I don't have to put-up with this nonsense; therefore, you cannot come back into my class." Problem is, he can get other students "going" and they will become like him. That is the situation in the "high achiever" class. Some decided to take on the same attitude; so I decided to follow through with my promise. I have always said, "if you don't want to do what we are doing in music class, then you can go to Mrs. Jacobs' and do paper and pencil there. Now of course you realize that she teaches 1ST GRADE." Nobody in their right mind would like to do this except certain students who don't want to do fun work in music. As the teacher was leaving with her class, I told her that he was a candidate for prison--she said that she didn't believe me. Is he??? She later on told me that since she and he were on an "ok" basis in the classroom, she wasn't going to chew him out for his behavior. She wanted to be the "nice" teacher. I think this is only the "honeymoon" period with her and she will have a rude awakening when he finally decides to be "himself" a person who refuses to do anything and is a person who defies authority.